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Road Movies app makes video-making fun, easy

Those looking for a bit more than just pictures, but not quite a long video of their holidays or day out on the town, now have the perfect app to fill their needs.

Apple Road Movies by Honda edits a series of mini-clips in just seconds, giving them a musical background for a top-notch final 27-second-long video.

Users of the free app can choose from three options of video-mixing: 24 one-second clips, 12 two-second segments or 8 three-second mini-videos. There are nine different filters to pick from – giving your videos a variety of styles.

To top it all off, users select one of 14 musical jingles and then wait for the final video to be spliced together. Voila, a lively documentation of special events, holidays or just a stroll with the kids.

The videos can also be shared directly onto YouTube and Facebook. (dpa)