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The sound of the battle


Orion Pro Gaming Headset

by Jonathan Kevin Castillo

Manila, Philippines – Hard to believe that there are headsets better than what were billed as the best in the current market of gaming devices. Asus gave pretenders a serious challenge by coming out with the RoG Orion Pro gaming headset.

We’ll head straight to the point by saying that this headset offers some partial high-end features and fantastic design that doesn’t have you digging too deep into your wallet. It’s not for hardcore gamers but bridges the gap between one and a casual player.

It has a stylish and premium design, the red and black, a banner for the Republic of Gamers. It sits comfortably in our ears and sound quality is as expected, loud, clear, and precise.

We’ve tested this with games readily available to us like StarCraft II, Battlefield 3, and Borderlands 2 and amid the gunfire and explosions, we think it’s a satisfying experience.

The surround sound features were immersive and we found ourselves trapped in the games’ worlds as we played on. But this is one of the few parts that distinguishes it from a high-end gear and it’s the less than 120% noise cancelation. At times, we could still hear noises from the real world.

If your machine has a little less than average soundcard, don’t worry about that, Asus got you covered with their bundle, as the Orion Pro comes with USB soundcard attachment so the game can draw audio from there instead.

And along with it comes a mic and phone jack that plugs right into the USB dongle. There are three audio modes but from our experiences, they all sounded alike with very little changes.

The FPS mode however is somewhat interesting as it is designed to enhance FPS gameplay, and you’ll hear from which direction that shot came from or if you’re being flanked by enemy units.

There’s a dynamic volume feature on it and while the name sounds something cool and maybe sophisticated, best stay away from it.

It’s quite minor really, but it would have flawless if it worked better.